The Clone Master (1978)

A six-year-old Sam watched The Clone Master and wished it’d been a TV series, as he already knew what a backdoor pilot was at that young age and maybe he was a chubby kid with Coke bottle glasses, but he grew into, well, a chubby adult with Coke bottle glasses and a movie addiction.

Art Hindle (Black Christmas) is Dr. Simon Shane, a biochemist who has cloned himself multiple times and sent his selves out into the world to have adventures. So you can totally see how this was destined to be more than just a one and done.

Writer John D.F. Black scripted Shaft, Trouble Man, the TV movie Thief and the Wonder Woman TV movie. And director Don Medford’s directing credits stretch from a 1951 episode of Tales of Tomorrow all the way to a 1989 True Blue series installment.

The kids of today will never know the joy — and potential frustration — of a pilot being burned off as a summer TV movie. Sure, you get to see something new, but you’ll never see the entire series it sets up.

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