The Glow (2003)

Jackie and Matt Lawrence (Portia de Rossi and Dean Cain) have moved into a fancy apartment with a view of Central Park thanks to the generosity of some older folks like the Januszes (Hal Linden and Dina Merill) and the Goodsteins (Joseph Campanella and Grace Zabriskie).

If we’ve learned anything from occult movies, it’s that you never trust old Hollywood. This applies to TV movies, so don’t trust Barney Miller, the evil socialite from Caddyshack II, a soap star and Sarah Palmer all that much either, because they’ll take your young body, suck out all the energy and keep themselves young.

This was directed by Craig R. Baxley, who also helmed Action JacksonStone Cold and I Come In Peace. He’s working from the words of Gary Sherman. Yeah — the very same director who made Poltergeist III, Death LineDead & BuriedWanted: Dead or AliveVice Squad and Lisa.

Hal Linden should be in more horror movies where he plays evil old men who steal souls. Someone has to say it.

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