Locusts (1974)

There was a time in the mid 70s when we were going to be killed by insects. Maybe they would be ants. Perhaps they could be killer bees. Or locusts. Always locusts.

Richard T. Heffron — the director who took over I, The Jury which made Larry Cohen so mad that he got Q done before their movie — as well as the cheaper choice over Kenneth Johnson to make V the Final Battle, as well as man who made I Will Fight No More ForeverDeath ScreamFutureworld and lots of TV movies — made this from a script by Robert Malcolm Young, who wrote the Witch Mountain movies, along with The Ghost of Flight 401Starflight: The Plane that Couldn’t LandThe Crawling Hand and Trauma, a movie he also directed.

Ron Howard is our hero and he’s a kid always battling with his dad, Ben Johnson, who we all know and love from Terror Train. This isn’t really horror as much as it’s a family drama, with Ron’s dad Rance, Katherine Helmond and Belinda Balaski as notable castmates.

If you ever wanted the high action of men spraying down bugs, well — here’s where you find it.

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