JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Il Ginecologo Della Mutua (1977)

Beyond his two decameron films, Joe D’Amato also made this commedia sexy all’italiana about a gynecologist who — despite his average looks — has a line of women who can’t wait for him to see to them. Most of the Italian sex comedies I’ve seen get lost in translation and feel dated — which makes sense, as they were made in the mid 70s in a foreign country — but this one actually made me laugh.

Dr. Giovanardi (Renzo Montagnani, When Women Had TailsWhen Women Lost Their Tails) is brought in by Doctor Lo Bianco who is hiding out from his debts on an island. A libertine married to a lesbian — how progressive for 1977 — he gets set up by his secretary Pamela (Paola Senatore, Like Rabid DogsRicco the Mean Machine) to put out for a wide array of clients, giving some the babies they want and others the exact type of lovemaking they adore, including one client who wants violent aardvarking so badly that she punches our hero right in the face as hard as she can, knocking him across the room.

Keep an eye out for Daniela Doria (who got stabbed through the throat in The House by the Cemetery and also is in The New York RipperThe Black Cat and City of the Living Dead), Loretta Persichetti (Salon KittyNine Guests for a Crime), adult actress Marina Hedman and Lorraine De Selle (Cannibal Ferox, Gloria in House on the Edge of the Park, the warden in Violence in a Women’s PrisonWomen’s Prison Massacre and more).

The most amusing thing is that Montagnani played the same role as an irresistible male several times despite appearing in no way like a man who should be doing this.

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