BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Women’s Prison Massacre (1983)

Also known as Blade Violent, Emmanuelle in Prison and Emmanuelle Escapes from Hell, this movie was shot at the same time as Violence In a Women’s Prison and let me tell you, it’s a race as to which one of the two is more sordid.

Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is sent to a violent women’s prison — just like in Violence In a Women’s Prison* — and before you know it, she’s battling for top dog status with Albina (Ursula Flores, who was Consuelo in Mattei’s other aforementioned prison epic), which leads to Albina getting knifed in the leg, her arm broken and her wig torn clean off. But soon, four male prisoners — Victor “Geronimo” Brain (Raul Cabrera, Nero and Poppea – An Orgy of Power), Helmut “Blade” von Bauer (Pierangelo Pozzato, Adam and Eve vs. the Cannibals), Brett O’Hara (Robert Mura, Seven Magnificent Gladiators) and their leader “Crazy Boy” Henderson (Gabriele Tinti) — break in to the prison and start assaulting and killing everyone in sight.

From there on out, the movie is an endless attack on the senses, with SWAT troopers invading the prison and killing one of the convicts, a riff on the Russian roulette scene in The Deer Hunter and one of the girls inserting a vagina in a very private place before a man enters her. Plus, you get Lorraine de Selle from House on the Edge of the Park as the warden and guards screaming things like “I’d like to bite your nipples off…and I’ll do it!”

By the end of the movie, “Crazy Boy” uses Emanuelle and a sheriff as human shields in a desperate attempt to escape. This is the kind of movie where no one may make it out alive.

But seriously, the beginning of this movie — where Emanuelle and fellow prisoners Laura (Maria Romano, The Final Executioner) and Irene (Antonella Giacomini, Seven Magnificent Gladiators) have a stage play in prison where they paint their faces and speak on emasculating men, being loose women and how only love can save them that’s interrupted by Albina throwing tomatoes in Emanuelle’s face — is like something straight out of John Waters.

According to IMDB, Laura Gemser has stated unequivocally that Claudio Fragasso actually directed this movie. She also strangely stays clothed, which is a bold choice for a movie that has razor blades slicing schlongs in half.

*In that movie, she was investigating the prison on behalf of Amnesty International. This one, she’s had drugs planted on her by a high-ranking politician. I bet she caught him and his wife loading the clown in the cannon while watching a snuff tape.

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