JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Any Time, Any Play (1990)

Starting her career as a dancer in the Beastie Boys’ video for “No Sleep till Brooklyn,” Ruth Collins has been in so many touchpoints in my movie-watching life. There are Psychos in LoveFirehouseDoom Asylum and appearances in three Robert Findlay movies, LurkersBlood Sisters and Prime Evil. It just stands to reason that she’d be in not just one but two Joe D’Amato movies — this one and Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 2.

in Any Time, Any Play, she’s a nightclub singer named Kelly whose ex comes back to work at the club, which means that she decides to sleep with anyone and everyone — hmm, Any Time, Any Play — until they get back together, which upsets the mob bosses that really run the place.

Shot around the same time as Passion’s Flower in the same area — and even sets — as the first Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, this one suffers by comparison. Laura Gemser does show up in a cameo as a saleswoman and as always breaks my heart.

Otherwise, this is one of the 90s D’Amato movies that only lunatics like me need see.

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