Lurkers (1988)

I’m still trying to figure out what to call the genre where a woman goes back to her childhood home or has a memory from her past or who inherits some family plot or goes away on a vacation to find herself and always, always, always runs directly into the supernatural.

This is one more to add the the list.

When Cathy (Christine Moore, Prime Evil) was young, her mother murdered her father right in front of her. Now, her life is dominated by the nightmares of that memory, which leads her back to her childhood home.

Cathy has no idea, but her boyfriend Bob got into her life just to lure her back to the apartment building that she grew up in so that he and his friends can shove her off the building to die. That’s because Vathy’s old home really is Hell and everyone born there must be destroyed and come back as a spiritual being referred to as a lurker. And once Bob has a new woman, can Cathy save her?

Man, Roberta Findlay movies have really been a theme this week, but that’s just because every one I’ve seen has totally entertained me. This one seems to pull from her bad childhood, which she also referenced in Tenement. This is a dark film in the most entertaining of ways.

You can get this on a double blu ray set from Vinegar Syndrome. You also get Prime Evil, which is so close to this that you can consider them spiritual sequels to one another.

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