JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Passion’s Flower (1991)

I would not advise you to watch sixty Joe D’Amato movies in a week. In fact, I don’t know why I do these things to myself, yet here we are, a finish line is somewhat close and I am both happy and sad and somewhat relieved that this is all nearly done.

What we have here is yet another Daniele Stroppa written affair for Joe, set in New Orleans again, as Jeff gets out of prison and pretty much instantly hooks up with Linda (Kristine Rose), who just so happens to be the wife of his brother Gordon and now they have to work together at his…well, it’s like a filling station or a hotel or a pharmacy or a place to get broiled crawfish.

I also love that in the middle of all the sexual tension or drama that happens in this place, there’s a sign that says that they rent Nintendo tapes which is as 1990s as it gets. Not cartridges or games. Tapes.

This all leads to not only a love triangle between brothers and Linda, but when a niece comes to visit — Jamie played by Cristine Frischnertz, who was also in D’Amato’s Any Time, Any Play — it becomes some other strange Italian shape that we only see in the softcore films of D’Amato. We should all be so lucky, but to be honest, the older I get, the idea of juggling any more than just my wife feels exhausting. How do these guys do it?

Jeff is played by Robert LeBrosse, who was also in 11 Days 11 Nights Part 3Three for OneDeep BloodWar BabyAny Time, Any Play, David Schmoeller’s Netherworld — which feels on brand — and the Coen Brothers movie Miller’s Crossing, which does not. His brother Gordon is actor Jack Ciolino, who only made this one movie, and probably still shows the VHS tape to relatives but fast forwards past all the softcore sex and synth.

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