JOE D’AMATO WEEK: The Devil In The Flesh (1991)

Money obsessed mercenaries Sammy and Klaus are on a mission to escort the seriously ill prime minister of a South American country that has just been taken over by rebels. And by South America, I mean Louisiana. But no matter — the rebels are on their trail and our protagonists make their way to a hospital filled with three female nurses and a female doctor that they force to heal the prime minister, then they assault each of them in softcore non-sex sex scenes and — of course, it’s Italy — the women fall in love with the guys as if they had a meet cute.

Even a staunch D’Amato defender such as myself has a hard time saying there’s anything good in this one. Maybe Joe was getting tired, maybe he thought military sex romps were what was hot for ’91, maybe he’d made too many adult films by this point or maybe this was all he could do at this stage in his career. This is the kind of movie where nurses get worked up about their co-workers getting attacked by military men, so you know, it’s as scummy as his other films without the energy and art to make up for it.

War Baby is a really good title, though.

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