Philippine War Week II: Tornado: The Last Blood (1983)

When people discuss the greats of Italian genre film, Antonio Margheriti usually doesn’t get mentioned. But man, he made some great movies, like And God Said to Cain, Cannibal Apocalypse, Code Name: Wild Geese and, of course, Yor Hunter from the Future.

Giancarlo Prete (Escape from the Bronx) is your hero, Sgt. Sal Maggio, and he’s been court-martialed for attacking Captain Harlow (Antonio Marsina) after a badly planned mission gets a friend killed. Maggio makes a break for it and runs behind enemy lines into the Cambodian jungle, chased by his own former soldiers and their enemy, too. There’s also a reporter (Luciano Pigozzi, Ark of the Sun GodLibido) trying to help him, but it may be too late for Maggio.

There’s a lot of stock footage from The Last Hunter in this and a lot of plot from Cross of Iron. But we’re not watching movies made in the Philippines or made by Italian genre directors because we want something brand new. Instead, we just want to be entertained.

The end of this movie is incredibly nihilistic and just plain brutal. I kind of love that it has a song playing during it that goes from a ripoff of The Doors “The End” to a fun little party song. It doesn’t match what’s happening on screen at all.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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