I Am Syd Stone (2021)

This Canadian web series is based on writer/director Denis Theriaut’s short film of the same name and continues the story of a former teen star-turned-faded adult actor as he deals with not only his failing celebrity — but the fact that his coming-out will destroy what little career he as left. Along the way he deals with his worsening alcoholism and how he’s going to break his new-found sexuality to his girlfriend and his agent. The catalyst comes from Syd meeting — and starting a torrid love affair with — a man he meets in a small town while making his latest film.

The series’ six episodes — themselves each clocking it at about 15 minutes (so, if this was on TV, with commercials, you’d have a 30-minute show) — feel like “short films,” which leaves the original, 2014 festival short on which this is based, feeling like a series pilot. Regardless of it being a web series, I Am Syd Stone carries a theatrical-level quality in its cinematography and the acting from all concerned is above the fray of the usually flat skill sets of network and cable dramas and sitcoms.

You can stream I Am Syd Stone on OutTV and follow the series on Facebook.

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