Philippine War Week II: Wild Cats Attack (1982)

When I was a kid, my grandfather worked all night shifts at the mill and would come home in the middle of the night and crack open Pabst before anyone though that was cool and just watch war movie after war movie, the entire small house shaking and lit up by tracer fire and I could hear him laughing and having one heck of a time. And hey look — forty years later and here I am, watching a war movie from the Philippines and getting drunk.

A military squad commander has found a Red Book filled with military secrets, but the rebels attack and steal it and our hero’s girl, so he has to battle them all over again to get it back. There’s also a scene that features a long bit of the score from Raiders of the Lost Ark, so that book is not all that’s been taken illegally.

Also known as Task Force Alamid, this is a down and dirty effort. I mean, we’ve been doing these movies all week, but this is one of the lowest of the low ones when it comes to expenses. The VHS box is where most of the money — and the fake American acting names — went.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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