The Designated Victim (1971)

Maurizio Lucidi is probably better known for his westerns like My Name Is Pecos than any other movies he made. After watching this giallo, I wish he had done more in the genre.

Stefano Augenti disillusioned advertising executive (Tomas Milan) gets all Strangers On a Train with the unsavory Count Matteo Tiepolo (Pierre Clémenti) and come up with a plan to take out one another’s problem relatives. Stefano agrees to kill the count’s brother, who is in the way of his rightful inheritance, whole Tiepolo will kill the ad man’s wife who refuses to cash out of his business.

Matteo starts playing with Stefano and informs his supposed partner’s wife about the plan before she’s strangled. He has the evidence that will keep the police off Stefano, but will only send it if his brother is murdered as agreed upon.

Milan even contributed the lyrics and vocals to a song in this movie, “My Shadow in the Dark,” which was performed by the New Trolls.

Co-writer Aldo Lado would go on to make some real genre heavy hitters like Who Saw Her Die?Short Night of Glass Dolls and Last Stop on the Night Train.

The Mondo Macabro release of this movie has a new 4k transfer from the original film negative as well as interviews with writer and assistant director Aldo Lado and Balthazar Clementi. Plus, there’s commentary by Peter Jilmstad and Rachael Nisbet, as well as an exclusive extended version and alternate scenes.

You can get this from Mondo Macabro.

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