Human Animals (1982)

After a nuclear war, two men and one woman awaken in a deserted landscape unsure of how they arrived and unable to speak. One of the men and the woman are brother and sister who show up dressed as if they were attending a party when the end came, while the other man appears to be a tougher man, perhaps a biker.

Then, the crabs attack.

The stronger of the men destroys them and cracks open their shells so that everyone can eat before taking the woman while her brother can only watch. Soon, they’re joined by a gigantic dog who becomes bonded to the woman in ways that the men soon can only hope for, turning the entire film into an exploration of bestiality and incest and man’s inhumanity to man and animal, but all through the lens of art. Yet isn’t art just the right theater instead of the grindhouse.

This movie has taught me that if you piss on a dog, it will steal your woman.

But seriously, this is a surreal take on the end of the world movie and I’ve never seen anything like it. I honestly believe that I will never see another movie like it again either.

The Mondo Macabro release of this film has a brand new 4K transfer from the original film negative and an interview with director, writer and producer Eligio Herrero.

You can get this from Mondo Macabro.

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