It’s Nothing Mama, Just a Game (1974)

Released as Lola and Beyond Erotica here in the U.S., this Spanish shocker features David Hemmings — yes, the same actor from Deep Red — as a depressive rich boy who likes to dress women as bunnies and chase them from horseback with a pack of wild dogs. And that’s already gone wrong once, but the poor people in the village can’t do anything about it and our protagonist — antagonist? — keeps acting more and more like his father who treated these people like dirt.

His mother — played by Alida Vall, seriously this movie does not skimp when it comes to casting — keeps trying to find him another girl, but he only wants Lola (Andrea Rau, Daughters of Darkness), the most beautiful woman in town. She wants nothing to do with his games, so of course he thinks that imprisoning her will make her fall for him, because, well — men, right?

This is the first José María Forqué movie I’ve seen, but definitely not the final one. A rough yet strange film, this made me think that Hemmings is perhaps just a little too good in this role.

The Mondo Macabro release of this movie has a new 4k transfer from the original film negative as commentary by Kat Ellinger, a video essay on David Hemmings by Chris O’Neill, an alternate title sequence and trailers.

You can get this from Mondo Macabro.

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