Dinner with a Vampire (1989)

My expectations may be lowered, but I tend to like Lamberto Bava’s TV efforts — Graveyard Disturbance and The Ogre are two examples — more than his theatrical movies.

Four actors — Gianni (Riccardo Rossi, the Italian voice of Simba in The Lion King), Rita (Patrizia Pellegrino), Monica (Yvonne Sciò, who was in the Tal Bachman video for “She’s So High”) and Sasha (Valeria Milillo) have won their audition to appear in a new horror movie. As they’re taking to meet Jurek the director (George Hilton, All the Colors of the DarkThe Case of the Bloody Iris) — who lives in a large castle — they learn that he’s a vampire and he has a challenge: he believes that they can kill him.

There are movies within a movie. There’s a hunchbacked assistant named Giles (Daniele Aldrovandi). And there’s lots of gore, particularly at the end. Written by Bava with Dardano Sacchetti, this comedy isn’t going to change your world, but it will entertain you unless you have a major issue with goofy humor.


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