Cthulu Mansion (1990)

After a drug deal gone wrong, the criminals take a magician named Chandu and his daughter hostage and take them back to his mansion, a place where his obsession with the gods of the ancient times has gone a bit out of his control and now, well, everyone is going to pay.

Sure, its a good set up, but it’s also directed by the man who brought us Pieces and Slugs, Juan Piquer Simón.

So anyways, Chandu lost his wife — his first assistant — due to an accident, which is when we’re to assume he got into the black magic that has left him with a pulsating left hand. Now his daughter (wife and daughter are both played by Marcie Layton) is his assistant and just in time for all hell to break loose.

There isn’t the budget to make this the movie it wants to be, but when has that ever stopped us from enjoying something?

You can get this from Vinegar Syndrome.

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