Demons III: The Ogre (1989)

Following the success of the film Demons and Demons 2, Reiteitalia would announce a series entitled Brivido a Series Giallo, which would be five made-for-TV movies by Lamberto Bava. Of the announced five, only The OgreGraveyard DisturbanceUntil Death and Dinner With a Vampire were made.

The script, written by Dardano Sacchetti, is pretty much the original script for The House By the Cemetery before Lucio Fulci added to the tale. Seeing as how it was a TV movie, there was some self-censorship, as Bava said that were this a real movie, the ogre would have eaten children.

Cheryl (Virginia Bryant, Demons 2The Barbarians) is a sexually confused American writer of horror novels who traves to Italy with her husband Tom (Paolo Malco, The New York RipperThunder) and son Bobby — yep, little Bob, but not Giovanni Frezza — to work on her next book.

She begins to have nightmares of childhood memories of being stalked by an ogre and becomes convinced that the house has a curse on it that is bringing her past memories into our reality.

Alex Serra, who was the blind man from the original Demons, also shows up. Speaking of Demons, this movie was released outside of Italy as the third film in that series. As you’ll soon learn from the Demoni sequels, it has nothing to do with the first two films. Even more confusing, this was released on DVD in Germany as Ghosthouse II, the sequel to the Umberto Lenzi’s Ghosthouse/La Casa 3. That movie is confusing, too, as it’s the third movie in the La Casa series, which translates to house in Italian, but has nothing to do with the movie House. Instead, Evil Dead is known as La Casa in Italy.

I’ve learned one thing from this movie. If you want to kill an ogre, run it over numerous times with a truck. Then it will just disappear.

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