SLASHER MONTH: Bloodstream (1985)

Michael J. Murphy made some berserk movies. I mean, Invitation to Hell is something. And this is perhaps stranger, made after Murphy got screwed over on the profits for that movie and Last Night and put 400 pounds worth of cash into this one, in which director Alistair Bailey is fired from a project by notorious VHS distributor William King, who is using his footage and not paying him. That means that Bailey feels entirely justified in wearing the disguise from the movie and filming his own sequel in which all the murder is real.

The depression that the director goes into also makes him watch too many movies — I feel attacked — and that means that we get a possession film, a post-apocalyptic movie, a zombie film and several more ripoffs including a very close to Naschy werewolf film, as well as a killer willing to see dogs on fire to prove a point. It’s also the rare slasher that has a killer that uses a gun, which is interesting.

I mean, this is a movie that starts with a man tearing his own face off and has a secretary willing to screw her boss over to the point that her new boyfriend kills him. And I realize that these shot on Super 8 wonders aren’t great, but man, they have heart. And intestines. And eyeballs.

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