Invitation to Hell (1982)

No, not the 1984 Wes Craven-directed, Susan Lucci-starring Invitation to Hell — which is great — but instead the British 1982 SOV movie!

Jackie has been invited to her high school reunion — which for some reason is a costume party, which I guess must be a British thing, UK readers please inform us — but because she’s a virgin, she’s selected as a sacrifice for the spring by the druids amongst her classmates.

Some dude tries to do our heroine the favor of taking away her virginity so that she survives, but then a latex-masked demon shows up and his eyes glow and he crucifies one character against a wall of Page 3 girls and then gorily pulls out his insides and hey — isn’t that why we watch movies? I mean, maybe isn’t that why I watch movies?

The same dude also wore an old-school paper Hulk mask for much of the early part of the movie, so copyrights — and the video nasty controversy which was going on at the time — be damned.


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