The Burning Moon (1992)

Writer/director/FX artist Olaf Ittenbach must have been thinking, “No one has any idea what a SOV horror movie from Germany could do to peoples’ brains. Let’s change that.” He pushed things so far that this movie was banned for twenty years from the very nation that it came from, which is pretty astounding — and a testament to how offensive it is — if you think about it.

Ittenbach plays Peter, a junkie whose parents somehow trust enough to babysit his sister, so he reacts as any of us would be shooting up and then telling her some stories that no child — or adult really — should ever hear.

In “Julia’s Love,” Julia has a date with the perfect man. The perfect man who is also a serial killer who is going to follow her home and decimate her entire family. And then in “The Purity,” a series of murders and assaults rocks a 1950s town and the wrong man is accused; unfortunately, he’s being protected by the real killer. And then, as things happen, everything literally goes to hell.

And then Peter kills his sister and himself.

It’s a feel good movie packed with gore, depravity and — depending on how many times you watched your VHS tape — bad tracking. I mean, it does have a priest drinking blood, worshipping Satan and then torn in half while in Hell, so it immediately gets 6 stars.

This is exactly the kind of movie that people that worry about kids watching horror movies think that they are watching. So don’t let those closed-minded jerks down!

You can get this from Severin.

2 thoughts on “The Burning Moon (1992)

    • It’s a Pauly Shore, wait, Adam Sandler comedy about a ne’er-do-well of The Waterboy variety going to The Burning Man festival. The usual buddy-road film hijinks, ensues.


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