Dead Things (1987)

Todd Sheets, who made ClownadoDreaming Purple Neon and Ouija Death Trap, amongst many other movies, made this video short very early in his career. It tells the story of a bunch of drug dealers who escape into the woods, only to find that they’ve ended up dealing with a Satantic cult who has way worse plans for them than jail.

This was remade in 2009 by the director, but this grainy cheapy has plenty of energy and an ending that made me stand up and cheer. I mean, when Satan himself gets conjured and brings some zombies with him, that’s really something for me.

In a weird way — as you’ll learn all week long — I cut Shot On Video breaks that I would never give to streaming video horror that gets released today. Maybe I’m just longing for the scuzzier look of camcorders. I don’t have any answers for you.

That said — I haven’t seen the remake, but here’s betting that I’d like this one a lot more, particularly because it’s like 25 minutes long.

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