SLASHER MONTH: Coda (1987)

Coda is an Australian TV movie that never made it to the theaters but man, there are still great slashers out there that I haven’t seen and that gives me some hope for the rest of this life, right?

Also called Deadly Possession and Symphony of Evil, this has a white faced, black gloved killer watching his intended victims from afar, hiding amongst the sheets on a clothesline while synth music plays and if you think, “Is this the Australian Halloween?” then yes, you’d be correct. It’s also the sequel, because there’s a jacuzzi attack and the killer sitting back up after being stabbed in the neck.

Then again, isn’t The Day After Halloween the Australian Halloween?

Then, the movie turns into a whodunnit based around classical music, which feels like something out of a giallo, which is kind of cool, because things had been moving very slow and then suddenly, the story really picks up.

The formula of Hitchcock (DePalma + Argento) is what this film is all about. And man, how many great movies keep getting discovered many years later out of Australia? Also, unlike so many slashers — and movies, when you think about it — all of the central roles are played by women.

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