Mr. Boogedy (1986)

When you move to a town called Lucifer Falls and are warned immediately about Mr. Boogedy, well, chances are that things are going to get pretty scary, particularly if you’re a child. It turns out that there’s not just one ghost on the loose in this one, but three.

That’s because three hundred years ago, William Hanover fell in love with a beautiful widow named Marion who didn’t return his affection. He made a deal with the devil to gain a magical cloak and used it to kidnap the widow’s son Jonathan, but when he cast his first spell, he destroyed his home, his crush and her child, stranded all three of them in our plane of existence.

Now, Mr. Boogedy — William Hanover — and Jonathan are trapped inside the home of the newly arrived Davis family, along with young Jonathan, while his mother is unable to enter the home and ever see her son again.

Yeah, like I’ve said more than once, live action Disney gets pretty dark.

There’s a pretty good cast in this with Richard Masur (Rhoda) as the dad, Mimi Kennedy as the mom and Benji Gregory (ALF), David Faustino and Kristy Swanson as their children. Plus, it’s always great to see John Astin in anything.

Writer Michael Janover’s original version of this movie was called Cheap Thrills and was an Airplane!-style parody of horror films. It was meant to star Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, but when Disney picked the project, the humor got toned down. Janover got the name Boogedy from Robert Hayes — speaking of Airplane! — yelling that as he walks the ledge in Cat’s Eye.

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