The Nest (2021)

When Meg and her mother Beth visit a yard sale, the little girl finds a stuffed bear that just may help with her separation anxiety. Soon, she’s dragging the bear everywhere she goes and will only talk to  — and through — the stuffed animal while hoarding supplies for it. What if — and I’m just spitballing here — that bear has a parasitic bug creature inside it? Well, welcome to The Nest, which is one of the weirdest and goofiest — in a good way — films I’ve seen this year.

Beth and Jack have been having some dark days, what with her drug addiction and the financial damage it has done to their marriage. Now living in the home of a recently deceased family member, they try and start all over but are only growing further apart. Now, not only is Meg overly attracted to her bear, but their family friend Marisa (Dee Wallace!) and Jack are overly attached to Meg, creating this strange circle of weirdness, all while the painkillers Beth needs to get past a brutal fall down the steps give her nightmarish visions of parasitic creatures that are using her family for sustenance.

So yeah — if you watch one movie about an otherwordly bug that lives inside a teddy bear named Ricky that possesses a young girl and makes her drug-addicted mother doubt reality — actually there’s no other movie like that. The last scene of this made me laugh at its utter audacity and I consider that a triumph.

The Nest will be available exclusively at Redbox from July 6-20 before it comes out on demand from 4DigitalMedia. You can learn more at the official site.

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