Bride of Boogedy (1987)

Man, these Disney live action 80s movies prove that kids of that era were fully prepared to be assaulted by some of the most frightening imagery in movies that were intended not for adults.

Witness Bride of Boogedy, in which Mr. Boogedy is out for revenge and general store owner Tom Lynch (Eugene Levy!) is angry that the town of Lucifer Falls has taken to the Davis family.

Also: don’t do a fake seance when a real ghost — I mean, the family has seen and battled Boogedy before, so I have no idea why no one believes the kids that he is back — is around.

Somebody, somewhere should do a week of Vincent Schiavelli — who plays a gravedigger named Lazarus in this —  films. It seems as if that somebody is me.

I kind of dig that Boogedy possesses the man who was once Earl Camembert and brings an army of wax monsters to life. Sadly, they never made Son of Boogedy. I think we could definitely use a reboot of this, but I don’t think the kids of today are ready to deal with him.

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