Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire (2000)

Say what you will about my love of live action Disney movies — not to mention Disney Channel movies — but I defy you to not enjoy a movie in which Robert Carradine shows up as a vampire hunter named Malachi Van Helsing.

The vampire in this movie, Dimitri Denatos, is played by The Right Honourable and The Lord Charles Shaughnessy George Patrick Shaughnessy, who is the 5th Baron Shaughnessy. He was also Maxwell on The Nanny, just in case you think this movie is getting too fancy. He wants to find a human woman to fall in love with — hey The Lost Boys — and the children of Caroline Rhea’s character all come together to save her.

It’s a goofy little vampire film that would probably be a good entry point if you have young kids who want to start watching things that are a little scarier. Or start them off with Cannibal Ferox and explain to their teachers that it’s also called Make Them Die Slowly.


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