SHARK WEAK: Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015)

Look, the title of this movie is incredible. It has no Raiders of the Lost Ark moments in it to pay off the name, but that’s totally a Jerry Gross-level title there.

This one’s a Brett Kelly movie and he’s the guy who made Ouija Shark and Jurassic Shark, so when it comes to shark movies with great titles that never really pay off, Brett is kind of your man. Here, he’s made the story of a prehistoric shark that gets into the waters of a small lake. It’s all fracking’s fault and the local swimmers must pay the price.

This may be the first Canada-set shark movie I’ve seen, so there’s that. I mean, it’s a shark that can fly and barks. If that sounds like something that you want for your own shark week, then by all means…

You can watch this on Tubi. Here’s to Wild Eye for continuing to come up with great posters and better titles for these movies.

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