The Ghosts of Buxley Hall (1980)

Bruce Bilson also directed the Disney movie The North Avenue Irregulars, which I certainly saw at some point at the drive-in, possibly with The Love Bug or The Apple Dumpling Gang.

When the century old Buxley Military Academy falls on hard times, it has to merge with a school for girls, which angers the ghosts who haunte the academy, General Eulace C. Buxley (Dick O’Neill), Bettina Buxley (Louise Latham) and Sergeant Major Chester B. Sweet (Victor French). As the boys learn to live with the girls, the ghosts declare war on everyone — but in a totally fun and non-frightening way.

I kind of love Posie, who shows up in female empowerment t-shirts and tells the adults how dumb they are for most of the movie. The ghosts come around — even if seeing a black cadet blows their minds — and all ends well. It’s a non-threatening, not all that interesting Disney for kids ghost movie, but if thats your thing, well — here it is.

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