Sultan and the Rock Star (1980)

Based on the novel Sandy and the Rock Star, this episode of Disney’s Wonderful World aired on April 20, 1980 and treated us all to the tale of Paul Winters (Timothy Hutton), a teen idol who escapes from the cruel world of being famous on Sportsman’s Island, becoming friends with a bengal tiger named Sultan who also was once in the business of show.

The only problem is that the owner of the island is planning on killing the tiger in a hunt. So Paul has to somehow save his friend. Crispin Glover’s dad Bruce is also involved.

This was written by Steve Hayes, who also wrote Time After Time, and directed by Ed Abroms, who was the man behind plenty of episodic TV shows as well as the editor of Street Fighter and Cherry 2000.

Sometimes when you watch a Disney live action movie, they change your life. Other times, you watch a tiger make friends with Timothy Hutton, who would win an Oscar for his very next role in Ordinary People.


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