Ouija Shark (2020)

The tagline for this movie is “We’re gonna need a bigger board.” No matter how bad this was going to be, I knew that I had to see it. A title like this certainly takes some balls.

Brett Kelly also directed Raiders of the Lost Shark and Jurassic Shark, so it seems as if this is some kind of fetish or something for him. It takes all kinds, you know.

A group of teenage girls find a spirit board on the beach and decide to use it to, well, who knows why they decide to use it. But before you can say “blood in the water,” an ancient shark has washed up and begun to kill everyone. Hopefully, that occult specialist can get rid of this spirit shark before it’s too late.

I thought Shark Exorcist and Amityville Island were the best shark themed movie ideas of the last few years. I was wrong. That said, the idea is, as nearly always when discussing movies like this, way better than the execution. Great poster. Great title. Better tagline. Worse actual follow through.

Ouija Shark is now available on demand and on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing. We also recently reviewed Kelly’s previous outing, Countrycide, also available through Wild Eye.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by Wild Eye Releasing.

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