Deadly Messages (1985)

Man, I’m on a Kathleen Beller made-for-TV kinda sorta giallo kick. I’m also a huge fan of Ouija-board-themed movies, even if I refuse to ever have a spirit board in my house. Combine the two and have Jack Bender (The Midnight HourChild’s Play 3, multiple episodes of Lost and Game of Thrones) and I’m all over it.

Beller plays Laura Daniels, a young girl in love with lawyer Michael Krasnick. When she gets home from a date with him, she watches a black-gloved and masked figure strangle her roommate Cindy Matthews (Sherri Stoner from Reform School Girls!), who had become obsessed by speaking to the ghost of David, who was murdered in the same apartment in 1978.

When the cops show up, all of the evidence — and Cindy’s body — are gone. The cops — hey there Dennis Franz and Kurtwood Smith — don’t believe Laura, who is being trailed by the killer everywhere she goes.

Laura decides to use the Ouija board and also comes in contact with Mark, who claims to have been the one who has murdered Cindy and announces that he is going to kill her next.

Oh man — this is getting good.

Seriously, even a swim in a pool leads to the killer attacking again, but a doctor thinks that it’s all in Laura’s head. And when he examines her brain, he discovers that she’s received electroshock therapy in the past and may be dealing with either extreme depression or schizophrenia. Her boyfriend can understand all that, but when he learns that the majority of her life story has been taken from a series of books by an author named Laura Brooks.

Actually, I really don’t want to spoil this movie for you because the plot gets totally wild and just keeps getting wilder. It’s has so much in common with the side of the giallo genre where a woman loses her mind and descends into a nightmarish odyssey of lost memory and revelation.

It was written by William Bleich, who wrote another great movie in this lost woman genre, The Hearse, as well as From the Dead of NightThe GladiatorA Smoky Mountain Christmas and Danger Island. Nearly all of those movies are going to end up on our site.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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