Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)

You know, for all the disdain that I usually heap upon modern horror, I’m all about finding newer movies that connect with me. Case in point, this cute comedy that explains gentrification as vampirism and puts some young kids up against ancient evil.

Writer and director Oz Rodriguez is probably best known for his digital shorts on SNL. Lorne Michaels produced this movie, which is quite aware of the humor within horror without forgetting that things still need to be scary.

Murnau Properties is buying up the Bronx and the only people that notice — or even care — are Miguel, Bobby and Luis, three kids who’ve learned everything they need to know about vampires from watching Blade.

This movie also posits that gangs are just as much vampirism as blood-sucking, placing the future of the boys’ lives against a world that wants to ignore and not care about anyone living in the Bronx, which is exactly why the vampires put up, well, stakes there.

I’m always up for seeing more Chris Redd and this film also has Method Man as a priest. It’s a fun time that makes you think a little while neer forgetting that it needs to entertain you.

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