City Killer (1984)

Heather Locklear was a big deal. Like, the biggest. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a poster of her next to my bed, but my grandfather did. In fact, he framed it with a rustic wooden frame and mounted it dead center of the wall, as if he was challenging my grandmother, saying, “This is what you should look like.”

The first part of this movie teases that this is going to be a giallo-esque TV movie, with Locklear as Andrea McKnight, an office drone that everyone loves and who never leaves her apartment. Then, the ex she’s run from for years — Terrence Knox, way better than this movie deserves — starts stalking her again, up until the point that to get her, he starts blowing up entire buildings up real good.

Seriously, what a plan. Can you imagine?

“How did you and mom meet, dad?”

“Well, he blew up everyone I loved and where I worked and then I saw that he was finally serious about settling down.”

Who can save the day? How about Gerald McRaney?

Robert Michael Lewis made many — and many better — made-for-TV movies. I would recommend The Astronaut and perhaps one of the best films ever made expressly for TV, Pray for the Wildcats. Writer William Wood wrote the much better regarded Haunts of the Very Rich, as well as Victims and Death Car on the Freeway.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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