LEE MAJORS WEEK: A Smoky Mountain Christmas (1986)

Originally airing on ABC on December 14, 1986, this Henry Winkler-directed made-for-TV movie has pretty much everything you want out of a holiday film: Dolly Parton as a disillusioned country star. Dan Hedaya as a sleazeball. Bo Hopkins as a lawman. David Ackroyd! John Ritter as a judge. A witch! Rance Howard! René Auberjonois! And Lee Majors as Mountain Dan!

This is a completely ridiculous story perfect for the holidays — or to be honest any time — and it gets by because I cannot and will not dislike anything Dolly ever does. I mean, she somehow made it through Rhinestone intact. And the fact that a Christmas movie exists where Dolly is menaced by not just Bo Hopkins, but a witch in love with Bo Hopkins and is saved by Lee Majors, well, I’m beyond all in.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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