And the Sea Will Tell (1991)

Originally airing on February 24 and March 3, 1991, this is based on the book by Vincent Bugliosi and Bruce Henderson. It’s all about a double murder on Palmyra Atol in which Duane “Buck” Walker (Hart Bochner, Die Hard) was found guilty and his girlfriend Stephanie Stearns (Rachel Ward) — defended by Bugliosi and Leonard Weinglass — was found innocent.

You know why I watched this? Because Tommy Lee Wallace directed it.

That’s right, the same man who made the TV version of It. The director of Halloween III and Fright Night 2. The writer of Amityville II: The Possession!

I’m no fan of Bugliosi — get me to go off some time about how he he lost a court case to the Process Church — but if you’re a big time lawyer and writer, you can get Richard Crenna to play you in a movie. Oh yeah! And getting Susan Blakely to play your wife!

Anyways, our protagonists end up taking a barely seaworthy ship out and about before getting lost and ended up living off the charity of the Mac and Muff Graham (James Brolin and Deidre Hall). Within a few months, they’ve stolen their ship and quite possibly left them for dead. That said, only a skull that may have been Mac’s has even been recovered.

You know, I found myself watching this because of Wallace’s name in the credits, but his talent as a director kept me with it for both parts.

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