LEE MAJORS WEEK: High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane (1980)

You know, it takes some balls to make a sequel to High Noon.

But hey — Elmore Leonard is a heck of a writer and Jerry Jameson made The Bat People and Airport ’77, so he’s OK in my book. And if you’re going to replace Gary Cooper, I guess Lee Majors will do for a TV movie.

Will Kane is now a private citizen and goes back to Hadleyville a year after he threw away at the end of High Noon. Now, the law is J.D. Ward (Pernell Roberts), who allows his deputies to outright terrorize everyone in town and even shoots the horses that Kane came to town to purchase. And now, Ward is hunting down Ben Irons (David Carradine), despite him being an innocent man.

Kane tries to help the wrongly accused man, but can’t save him. Ward attempts to have our hero arrested for aiding a fugitive, but the townspeople turn on him and the local authorities. They reinstate Kane as marshal and he ends up gunning down Ward for resisting arrest.

This film also has some great character actors going for it, like Michael Pataki, M. Emmet Walsh and Tracey Walter AKA Bob the Goon. It was shot at Old Tucson Studio, which was also where The Bells of St. Mary’sWinchester ’73Rio Bravo, C.C. & CompanyDeath Wish, Three AmigosTombstone and many more movies were made.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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