The Cheerleader Escort (2019)

This is closer to what I wanted out of a cheerleader movie from this set. Again, a new girl, a new school, an instant admission to a cheerleading team and then, the new girl can no longer afford to go to college, so she gets into a prostitution ring that’s run by her coach and a bunch of alumni who she trusts until its too late.

I kind of love that this movie is shot in around three locations with a minimal budget to the point that the basketball game looks like the least athletic sporting event you’ve ever seen. Big points for the giallo like scene and killing off one of the cheerleaders by shooting her up with drugs, as well as the main girl deluding herself into thinking that the scummiest man you’ve ever seen could possibly love her and even the other guy more age appropriate to her also has a girlfriend and she still keeps giving him signals like she wants him. Everyone in this movie is either a moron or a horrible person except for the roommate who never ever leaves her room and seemingly only exists to be a sounding board and the only sign of ethnicity in this entire movie.

This movie also has more Canadian accents than an 80’s slasher. 

You can get this as part of Lifetime’s new Cheer! Rally! Kill! 5-Film Collection, which features four other cheerleader movies on DVD.

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