Undercover Cheerleader (2019)

Autumn is a new student in a new school that…yes, has daddy issues and yes…is somehow talented enough to become a top cheerleader with little to no effort. However, she’s also working undercover, as the cheer team needs taken down a peg and the high school newspaper feels like the folk to do the job.

It turns out that all of the cheerleaders take laxatives to stay skinny and then there’s also a mystery maniac stalking all of them. So while the nod to the slasher made me happy, I really wanted more out of this. But hey — it’s a cheerleader movie made in 2019, not something playing a drive-in in 1975.

Could Autumn’s new boyfriend be a killer? Why are girls so mean to one another? And how does dance translate so well to cheering? I have so many questions, which means that I have to keep watching movies like this to increase my knowledge base.

Want more cheerleader movies? Then grab Lifetime’s new Cheer! Rally! Kill! 5-Film Collection, which features this movie and four others on DVD.

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