1,000 Shapes of a Female (1963)

Barry Mahon must have been looking for any story he could shape into a narrative to get nude women into a story by 1963. He made so many movies like this, but this installment has some charm, as some of the guys will do anything to appear to be artists and get the attention of a girl willing to doff her duds.

Monica Davis (Rocket Attack U.S.A.), Jane Day (She Shoulda Stayed In Bed), Davee Decker (It’s All for Sale), Audrey Campbell (Olga herself!) and the Bennett sisters play the ladies in this, a movie that attempts to be a documentary while also making any opportunity to show off these girls.

I saw a modern picture of Chesty Morgan the other day. She looked like someone’s grandmother, a lady you’d see shopping at Walmart. I wonder about so many of the ladies in Mahon’s films who owned their beauty and appeared in these movies. Did their kids ever know? Their husbands? Were their lives better because of the experience?

I’d really like to know.

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