Princely Toys: The Private Kingdom of Jack Donovan (1976)

The wonderful folks at White Slaves of Chinatown are responsible for so many of the movies that we watched during this week of weird docs and educational films. This one may be the strangest they’ve shared, which is saying so much.

It’s all about the 19th-century automaton collection of Jack Donovan set to strange synth music — created by Yardbirds member Paul Samwell-Smith — for about forty-five minutes. Forty-five hellish minutes of images of murderous dolls, acrobats, music playing figures and smoking monkeys dressing like Napoleon.

You know how every movie that has a cursed videotape always looks like The Ring? No. Not at all. That possessed footage should look exactly like this film. After all, Anton LaVey didn’t just decide that “development and production of artificial human companions” would be part of the “Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program” for the Church of Satan by accident.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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