The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena (1976)

Man, those guys at Sunn made so many of these and I feel sad, because I’m starting to run out of their films to enjoy. Well, this time, they told Brad Crandall to stay home and brought in the big guns. And by big guns, I mean Raymond Burr. This movie astounded me as a kid because I only knew him from Ironsides, so when he started walking, I was as amazed as the crew of SCTV when Guy Caballero first stood from his wheelchair.

Written and directed by Robert Guenette — who is pretty much the master of these kinds of movies, because he’s also the man who made The Mysterious Monsters and The Man Who Saw Tomorrow — this movie is like reading the National Enquirer in the 70’s when it was borderline insane and unafraid to scream it on every page. Look, there’s Jeanne Dixon! What about Nostradamus? And hey, did you know Sharon Tate’s voice showed up after her death? What about ghosts showing up in photos? Or Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mtchell having ESP and contacting people from the moon? Did a psychic detective find the Boston Strangler? What’s astral projection all about? Peter Hurkos, who was in all sorts of these movies, is around. And oh hey, it’s Uri Gellar*!

There’s one definitely unsettling story about a voice in the basement that feels like it could have been a movie all its own and probably was, as it has no evidence — that would not stop Sunn Classics — and feels more like a horror movie than the rest of this.

*There’s also a pre-Dallas Linda Gray here too!

You can watch this on YouTube.

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