Rocaterrania (2009)

Renaldo Kuhler was a scientific illustrator who invented an imaginary country to survive his childhood and kept his country alive throughout his entire life. He drew every single person in this country, knew their songs and is able to tell you the history and geography of this country, which of course does not exist.

The methodically detailed maps of the imaginary country and tales of the politics and upheavals of this small country are as rich in the mind of Kuhler as if they are real life. Brett Ingram is an amazing filmmaker, as he was able to somehow turn this into a movie that makes sense.

I’ve been recommending this movie to everyone, because it completely blows my mind that this country lived and breathed. I wonder if, like Gardner Fox’s theory, that this place is real and that Kuhler was a receiver of all this data.

This movie has my highest recommendation. Track it down if you can.

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