New Movies on Tubi!

You may have noticed that we review quite a bit of films released on the free-with-ads stream Tubi platform. That’s because Tubi streams some really great content deserving of a watch. As you can see from the theatrical one-sheets of the movies we’ve reviewed in 2020, Tubi offers a wide array of films in the action, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, and family-oriented realms.

There’s a hyperlinked list of our reviews that feature links back to Tubi for your watching pleasure, at the end of this article.

Happy Holidays from the crew of B&S About Movies. Stay safe by staying home and watching a movie.

Angels Fallen
Banging Lanie
The Candy Witch
The Capture
Case 347
Cold Ground
Cry for the Bad Man
Dark Sister
Darkness Reigns
Dead House
Double Riddle
Edge of Extinction
The Evil Insider Her
Evil River
5th of July
The Girls of Summer
Inmate Zero
Jurassic Thunder
Making Time
Nana’s Secret Recipe
The Neon Dead
One Night in October
Our Father’s Keeper
Soft Matter
0.0 MHz

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