Coven (2020)

Five college witches have come together in order to perform a ritual to invoke the ancient powers of the witch Ashura, but their leader takes things too far and kills one of the younger witches in a fit of bloodlust. Now, she’s gone over the edge while the rest of the coven needs one more witch to remain in power.

Margaret Malandruccolo has directed several shorts, but this is her first full-length film, working from a script by Lizze Gordon. Gordon also stars in this film as Sophie, one of the witches. (Lizzie Gordon’s latest film, as a writer and director, Escape: Puzzle of Fear, is out now.)

I was struck by just how good the effects are in this. They really go next level from the majority of on demand movies, with the witches’ powers treated with real care. It really gives this movie way more of a blockbuster look than you’d expect.

Coven is available on demand and on DVD and July 14 from Uncork’d Entertainment, who were kind enough to send us a review copy.

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