Escape: Puzzle of Fear (2020)

Matthew Blake (Tommy Nash from Abducted and The Amityville Terror) is one of Hollywood’s top agents . . . carrying some dark baggage with a few rattling bones and he deserves a comeuppance. And his oldest friend and his new, bombshell girlfriend have decided that revenge is a dish best served bloody ‘n’ warm inside Los Angeles’ newest Escape Room.

The marquee name on this one is Nicholas Turturro, who you know from his seven-year run on NYPD Blue and his six-year run on Blue Bloods, as well as his co-starring roles in the cable replay favorites Here Comes the Boom and The Longest Yard (and as the lead in the low-budget The Hillside Strangler from 2004). Another familiar cast face is daytime actor and network TV series stalwart John Colton who is also part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! cast of stock players.

Writer and director Lizze Gordon is relatively new to the film world, with one feature film under her belt in those roles: the 2017 horror film #Captured. She has two other films in various stages of pre-and-post-production: Kill Cam and The Hard Way. We previously reviewed Lizze Gordon’s Coven, which she wrote and starred (that became available on DVD and VOD on July 14).

You can learn more about Escape: Puzzle of Fear at Uncork’d Entertainment’s website and at their You Tube page. You can also view Lizze Gordon’s previous works on You Tube. You’ll be able to purchase DVDs and VOD streams for Escape: Puzzle of Fear beginning August 18.

You can watch Escape: Puzzle of Fear on You Tube Movies and #Captured on You Tube Movies.

You can watch Escape: Puzzle of Fear on You Tube Movies.
You can watch #Captured on You Tube Movies.

Disclaimer: We were provided a screener by the film’s P.R firm. That has no bearing on our review.

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