The Lady Kills (1971)

Françoise Frémond (Carole Lebel, Two Weeks In September, The Golden Claws of the Cat Girl) is killing her way across Europe, leaving horrible men’s dead bodies behind. Keep in mind this movie was made before Ms. 45 or I Spit On Your Grave or even Thriller: A Cruel Picture and offers a similar blast of female revenge violence set to a psych-rock freakout soundtrack.

After a pop-art style assault by several men, Françoise spends the rest of this film tracking each of them down and killing them all in various ways. There’s also high fashion, the aforementioned swinging electric jazz and nudity that juxtaposes the feminist revenge narrative because at heart, this is still an exploitation movie.

You can get this — along with Pervertissima, which was also made by director Jean-Louis van Belle — from the amazing folks at Mondo Macabro, who were kind enough to send us the blu ray for review and understanding enough to know that it won’t impact our review.

Beyond the new 2K transfer for both movies, you’ll also get a “Who is Jean Louis Van Belle?” documentary featurette and introductions for each film by Belgian film expert Christophe Bier. This film is a must-have, as it has never been remastered, restored and available on home video anywhere in the world ever before.

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