Pervertissima (1972)

The gorgeous Françoise (Maelle Pertuzo, no relation to the Françoise in director Jean-Louis van Belle’s other film, The Lady Kills) has been hired by a tabloid to do a report on “Love in Paris.” That means that we’re treated to a mondo within a narrative film as she works as an exotic dancer, a prostitute and even takes journeys to sapphic saunas and freelove masked balls.

However, she soon goes from sunbathing and beating up some dude with twigs for money to meet up with Dr. Vilard who is turning real human skin into superhuman love dolls ready to help him rule the world. You know a doctor is mad when he shoots up before he makes beautiful people mate to make a master race. I mean, there are other signs, too.

Club Sexy from The Lady Kills — and a photo of that film’s star Carole Lebel — both make appearances here, making this some form of spiritual sequel while being the loosest film I’ve seen, a movie that doesn’t even attempt to make sense.

Which is to say — this is awesome.

This is on the same blu ray as The Lady Kills and only Mondo Macabro would put out something this fantastic. I love that they find movies that I’ve never heard of and make them look better than they ever have before. I would say they are doing the Lord’s work, but we all know that God wants nothing to do with the movies they release.

You can get this from the absolutely great people at Mondo Macabro, who were kind enough to send us a copy of this film.

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