I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006)

Despite the ending of the last film teasing you with another chapter in the lives of Julie James and Ray Bronson, the time between films was too long for everyone in the eight years between installments — and Sylvian White was brought in to replace original director Damon Santostefano (Bring It On Again, the Fangoria Scream Greats videos). He also directed the movies Stomp the YardThe Losers and Slender Man, a film that pretty much disappeared upon release.

A year ago, Amber, Colby (David Paetkau, Final Destination 2), Zoe (Torrey DeVitto, Pretty Little Liars), Roger, and P.J. prank their entire town, who all know the legend of the Hook (or Fishman) from the first two films. However, instead of landing safely on a mattress, P.J. is impaled. Everyone believes that the Fishman killed him and the kids make a pact — learning nothing from the last two movies — to keep all of this a secret.

Fast forward and Amber is the only one who left town, with Colby giving up a scholarship and Roger a suicidal drunk. Oh yeah — and someone has waited twelve months to start texting her, “I know what you did last summer.”

This series follows the Vorhees formula by making its killer a supernatural force by the third film while also Myers formula by getting Don Shanks to play the slasher.

After three movies, we have the same ending each time. In the first movie, the Hook jumps through a shower door to attack Julie. He pulls her under a bed in the second. And in the third, despite escaping the danger of the film and garnering our sympathies as a final girl, Amber’s jeep breaks down and we see the Hook coming for her. You could see this as setting up a sequel while I see it as a film that cares absolutely nothing for its main characters and wastes all of the worry that you just invested in them by casually throwing them away in such quick fashion.

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