Interrabang (1969)

This post-Bava pre-Argento giallo is named for the punctuation that combines a question mark and an exclamation mark, which is the necklace worn by the character Valeria. It was directed by Giuliano Biagetti, whose career was mostly in comedy and erotic films.

Fashion photographer Fabrizio (Umberto Orsini, The Damned) has set sail with his business partner wife Anna (Beba Loncar, Some Girls Do), her sister Valeria (Haydee Politoff, Count Dracula’s Great Love) and a model named Margarit. They soon learn that a murderer is on the lamb after killing a cop just in time for their boat to run out of fuel. Meanwhile, the women explore the island and meet the mysterious poet Marco (Corrado Pani, Watch Me When I Kill). Then they find the body of that dead cop.

Of course, Marco is about to seduce all three of the women. You know how giallo goes. And you know that no one is getting out of this unscarred.

Interrabang isn’t an easy movie to find, only coming out on DVD in Italy as of 2012. That said, you can watch it on YouTube.

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